J. W. McClure





November 15th, 2014:

My new album has finally arrived!

In 1963 I bought Jimmie Rodgers’ My Rough and Rowdy Ways LP. mistaking it for one by Jimmie Rodgers from Camas, Washington who wrote and sang Honeycomb. Next thing I knew I was practicing some of those yodels on the freeway, and they found their way into my radio and live performances. So, some of these songs have been with me quite a while. I’ve always liked the mixture of old jazz and bluesy, funky lyrics and these songs are some of my favorites.

I started this album project a year ago thinking I would mix my own yodel tunes with some of Jimmie’s. Instead I wound up nailing down 14 Jimmie Rodgers songs from 1928-1933. It would be difficult for anyone to match Jimmie on these songs, so I had to do them my own way. Hopefully, I sang them with the right spirit. Some great side musicians (Sam Morgan, Joel Tepp, Roger Ferguson, Wes Weddell, Mark Filler, Gary Graves, Thaddeus Spae, Mike Nelson and Loren Postma) made this enjoyable for me and most of the licks on this collection make me chuckle. Enjoy!