J. W. McClure


“J.W.’s songs go straight to the
listener’s funnybone, heart and soul.”

— Karin Bardeson

“Your songs are so ‘off-beat’ in the best sense
of the word … and a great many of them are out and
out hysterical. But all of them — including the
thoughtful, moving ones — have a great ‘vibe’
to them … an authenticity that I think is irreplaceable.”
— Jackie Morris

“McClure ages well on this epic journey…
There is lots of humor and tall tales along the way.
Thaddeus Spae, who supplies bass line with a guitarron, harmonica
(lots of well played accompaniment and soloing), melodica, keyboards,
vocals, and jaw harp, is also the recording engineer.”
— Chris Lunn, Ancient Victorys Newsletter

“Some tracks are clearly themed, some weave a spell that
doesn’t depend on reality, others draw a deep chuckle…
I’m always struck and then charmed by the craggy richness
of J.W.’s voice, here backed by fine, fine musicians
(featuring Thaddeus Spae) in just enough places —
it’s lovely to hear the extra sparkles.”
— Claire Holvik-Favro

“Thaddeus is brilliant as always,
and Kristi and Steve [Nebel] harmonies are perfect.”
— Cathy Britell

“…stands out…one of the best recordings
I have had the opportunity to review…”
— Chris Lunn, Ancient Victorys

“Full of personality and a down-home quality
that hides a wealth of sophisticated
timing and phrasing….”
— Jackie Morris, Folkworks