J. W. McClure


J.W.’s Music




I Need A Lazy Woman


The Bear

Never Blessed

Passenger #2

Blue (solo)


Family History

J.W., with help from Thaddeus Spae, presents a flavorful banquet of his quirky, thoughtful songs and stories, with themes of ancesters, occupations and romance. Also, bears.
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Interpretations of Jimmie Rodgers

J.W. joins forces with an army of guest artists in a tribute to seminal country singer Jimmie Rodgers. His meticulous fingerpicking, thoughtful vocals and limpid yodeling bring the legacy of “The Singing Brakeman” to brilliant life with the aid of Thaddeus Spae, Mike Nelson, Wes Weddell, Mark Filler, Loren Postma and others.


Cowboys On The Skyline

J.W. teams up with multi-instrumentalist Thaddeus Spae and a wealth of guest artists on a collection of original blues, swing and country yodel songs featuring his patent soft-spoken vocals, poetic lyrics and sly humor on subjects ranging from cats to billionaires to lost love to species extinction.
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Living Off Of My Friends

In a collection of historic recordings rescued from basements, attics and the odd dumpster, J.W. teams with Sam Morgan and Zan McLeod, tearing into a potpourri of humorous and heartfelt acoustic swing, country and bluesy originals on guitar, banjo, fiddle, bouzouki and more.


Three Damp Duckā€”Live at Folklife 1981

From the halcyon days of the 80’s comes an edge-of-the-stage live recording of this stellar folk trio, including J.W. on rhythm guitar and vocals, Mary Litchfield Tuel on vocals and Rick Tuel on lead guitar and vocals.